Our products

Amaxa is a pharmaceutical company providing a wide range of lifesaving and life-
improving medicines. These include both prescription and over the counter (OTC)

A significant portion of Amaxa’s medicines is based on human proteins derived from human cell
lines and human plasma, and are used in the treatment of many diseases and medical conditions.
These include cancer, pulmonary illnesses, reproductive problems, rare diseases, other
coagulopathies and bleeding disorders.

Much of the Amaxa portfolio is anticancer drugs. These oncology medicines are used to
manage breast cancer, ovarian cancer, Kaposi’s sarcoma, non-small cell lung cancers,
small cell lung cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, malignant lymphoma, and
other cancer types.

Such drugs are developed from gemcitabine, oxaliplatin, paclitaxel, docetaxel,
irinotecan, and other molecules used in oncology.

Amaxa provides prescription medicines used to treat respiratory distress syndrome in
premature babies, as well as patients suffering from bronchial asthma and cystic

An important direction in Amaxa’s activities is women’s health. Amaxa provides access
to a broad range of drugs used to treat hormonal and gynaecological conditions, and
improve women’s quality of life.

As well as its range of prescription medicines, Amaxa offers many OTC drugs aimed at
preventing and treating throat inflammatory diseases, allergies, sinusitis and colds.

Amaxa product portfolio reflects our mission and commitment to provide people with 
quality medicines that save lives and enable people to live longer and lead a more healthy and
active lifestyle.